Atomic-Age Parasol Proves
Unlimited Aerobatic "Pro"

Originally Published in Air Progress November 1968

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     THE CITABRIA "PRO" is Champion Aircraft's newest offering. It was designed specifically for aerobatic competition for the advanced aeronautical sportsman. The parasol wing configured craft made its first flight at dusk last Aug. 2. Designated Model 8KCAB, the Pro utilizes the bottom truss structure and tail of the already well known and widely used akro Citabria, but from there on everything is new. The wing is built up with a wood spar. aluminum ribs, and fiberglass tips; it is Ceconite covered, The airfoil is NACA 1412. There is a 20 gallon tank located at each side (plus a header tank in the fuselage). The fuselage employs a tubular structure with an aluminum top forward section, the entire body is also Ceconite covered, then painted with Durepox. Nose is of fiberglass. The Citabria Pro is classed as an "unlimited" aerobatic plane with unlimited inverted flight capabilities, this latter via the installation of a continuous oil system. It has a "G" limit of 6-positive and 5 negative - ultimate limit load is 1 1/2 times those figures. According to Bob Brown, President of Champion Aircraft, the prototype illustrated is being instrumented by NASA and will serve as a testbed for the establishment of aerobatic category craft. A headrest and sliding canopy are to be added to subsequent Pros. Although ship shown was set up as a 1-seater, a forward control is in place and there is more than enough space for another seat. Deliveries are expected about now with prices at $11,000 with a Lycoming IO-360 and constant speed prop. Photo'ed plane is powered by a Lycoming 10-360 Special boosted to 200hp output. Wingspan 32-ft 8-in; chord 64-in; dihedral 1 degree; length 27-ft, height 59-in. Empty weight 1,235-lbs; gross 1650. Rate of climb is 1,700-ft/min. Landing gear is spring type.

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