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Why do I build Metro's?
Because I like the little buggers!

Geo Metros
Is it a Gaggle of Geos or a Murder Metros?

Where did all these Metros come from?
Geo Metro
Geo Metro
Geo Metro
The three pictures above were taken during the construction of the original Geo Metro model. The Metro model began as a Geo Storm dealer promotional model (also shown above). The Storm model was heavily modified using sheet and strip styrene stock as well as catalyzed automotive glazing compound. The completed Metro model was used as a master pattern to make RTV silicone molds. The silicone molds were then used to cast polyurethane resin copies of all the parts needed to build a stock Geo Metro Convertible model. All of the Metro models on this page were built using the cast resin Metro parts. The "Murder of Metros" above were built using the unmodified castings, while the rest of the models on this page were built by modifying castings and/or combining parts from additional model kits.

What about my full scale Metros?
Daily Drivers
The Daily Drivers
Project GTi
The Metro GTi Project
$2002 Swift
The $2002 Swift

Other People's Metro's
See! I'm not alone!
Geo Bee Geo Bee
The Geo Bee Metro "Z" Sportster
Built By Dan Warford

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